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Competitions and the Schedule

The 'Schedule' is a list of all the competition sections and classes that can be entered at the Myrtleford Show. Click below for more information.

There are many Sections and Classes at our Show.
Something for all ages, skills and interests

🐴Horses and Pony Club

🐩 Pet show

🐂 Beef cattle

🐄 Dairy cattle 

🐕 Dog jumping

🐓 Poultry 

🦜 Budgerigars

🥦 Farm Produce

💐 Horticulture

🎨 Needlework and craft 

🧩 Junior Arts, crafts and needlework

📸 Photography

🍯 Jams, sauces, pickles and preserves

🎂 Cooking - Open and Junior

👧🏼Show Tiny Tots, Juniors and Teens

🛻 Farm Utes

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